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HATCRETE® Adcolour

HATCRETE® Adcolour is a colouring additive for cementitious materials. It provides uniform streak free colour with minimal wash down of mixing equipment. Unlike raw pigment, HATCRETE® Adcolour disperses completely and rapidly into any concrete mix.

It is stable in the presence of lime and sunlight and contains no chlorides. Raw concrete pigment and concrete dye particles are refined, granulated and coated in a unique product that aids dispersions and colour consistency in concrete.

It is available in 23 standard colours and custom colours are available to order. All the pigments used in the manufacture of HATCRETE® Adcolour are UV fast, durable and conform to BS EN 128 78 : 1999.

HATCRETE® Adcolour is normally supplied in 20kg bags and dosage rates are typically 1% to 3% based on the cement content. Colours are matched to our Colourmix range. It can be used in place of traditional cement dye or concrete pigment.

HATCRETE® Adcolour Ideal for:   

  • Coloured concrete mortars
  • Coloured concrete precast units
  • Smaller batches of any type of coloured concrete

Please see the Adcolour COLOUR CHART below along with technical data sheet (TD27) for more info on this product.

Coloured concrete should be sealed with a complimentary HATCRETE sealer.

Available Colours



Damson Frost

Stone Buff




Harvest Gold


Stanton Red

Whitby Buff



Raven Grey



Bitter Briar

Autumn Malt




Burnt Plum


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I work out how much HATCRETE® Adcolour should be added to my mix?

The most important factor in achieving uniform colours is consistency. When dosing, only take into account the weight of the amount of cement per batch (not the aggregate or water). For example, for "Stanton Red", for every 100kg of cement use 2kg of Stanton Red HATCRETE® Adcolour. Custom colours can be produced but an 8% addition ratio should not be exceeded.

How much mortar or concrete will one bag of HATCRETE® Adcolour colour?

This depends on the colour you choose, the cement content and in turn the addition rate. The typical addition rate is between 1-3%, so one 20kg will colour up to 7 cubic metres.

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