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Sheffield Supertram Uses HATCRETE Colour Hardener

Sheffield Council uses HATCRETE Pattern Imprinted Products on its Light Rail System

It all began with the Sheffield Supertram.

City Planners and Project Managers were anxious to retain the look of Ironstone Cobble setts and Yorkstone but also benefit from the economy and versatility of concrete. The track was layed during 1992-93 and some large areas of the tramway were produced by slip forming techniques. As concrete laid in this fashion had never been pattern imprinted before, it was necessary to develop a suitable process.

The extension to the Manchester Tramway through the Lowry Centre had a particular problem in that the track would have to pass through and along roadways that have been laid using a particular type of clay paviour block. The colour and design of the block is a feature of the Lowry Centre area. The designers felt that the long lines of grey concrete, either side of each rail, would be unsightly. Colouring the concrete with Hatcrete Colourmix in a matching colour to the paviours and imprinting the surface in a brick pattern solved the problem.

Nottingham Tram similarly has visible concrete up stands either side of each rail. The planners were worried that motorists sharing the road with the tram would confuse the grey concrete with white lines. This could result in accidents. This time, the concrete was coloured to match the asphalt (dark grey and red) using Hatcrete Colourmix and the concrete is given an exposed aggregate finish using the same aggregate that is in the asphalt.

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