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Evolving Decorative Concrete


At the Evolving Concrete show in London the preconceptions about the use of concrete that stems from the 1960’s

At the Evolving Concrete show in London delegates discussed the preconceptions about the use of concrete that stems from the 1960’s and led to the material being considered grey, uninspiring and dull – the 1970’s innovative projects such as the Tricorn Shopping Centre in Portsmouth, UK or the graffiti covered concrete underpasses, suffering along with the rest of the ‘concrete jungle’.

John Grant presented a seminar titled ‘Decorative Commercial Paving Using Colour & Texture’.

Concrete cannot be held responsible for the way it has been used. There are many successes in the use of decorative concrete, which produce aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound paving projects.

We are in an era when the visual potential of concrete as both an interior and exterior finish is being increasingly specified to support the wider drivers for the use of local materials, sustainability and energy efficiency and cost certainty.

You can increasingly see the practical use of decorative concrete installed at Disney, McDonald’s, KFC and Starbucks to name a few, at their locations worldwide.

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