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Concrete Colour Hardener

HATCRETE Colour Hardener is a coloured, dry-shake, cementitious product for colouring and surface hardening freshly placed concrete. It is typically used for stamped concrete or pattern imprinted concrete.

It produces an attractive, coloured, wear resistant surface and offers a decorative and interesting alternative to plain grey concrete.

During the development of this product, samples were rigorously tested at Aston University for impact and abrasion resistance with excellent results. The improvement over normal, power trowelled concrete is 24 fold.

  • Available in 20 standard colours.
  • Custom colours made to order.
  • Packaged in 25 kg water resistant bags.
  • Dense, fade resistant coloured surface.
  • Quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001:2000.
  • Pigments used conform to BS EN 128 78: 1999.
  • 3kg per square metre coverage.

Freshly placed concrete surfaces treated with HATCRETE® Colour Hardener may be trowelled to a smooth finish or given a light texture.

The surface may also be imprinted to give the appearance of cobbles, pavers, setts, bricks, tiles, flagstones or custom designs. It is ideal for architectural design projects, requiring a coloured, decorative floor area with hard wearing properties. Stamped concrete is a hard wearing, minimal maintenance alternative to tradtional paving techniques. This method of producing hard wearing, decorative concrete is known as pattern imprinted concrete, or “stamped” concrete.


HATCRETE Tekstain can be used to highlight areas treated with HATCRETE colour hardener to create artistic and dramatic design effects. 

Available Colours

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will one 25kg bag of Hatcrete® Colour Hardener cover?

To achieve the correct surface hardness whilst ensuring durability over time, one bag should typically be used to treat around 8m2 of concrete. Coverage rates may increase on “Special Colours” so please confirm with the sales office if your colour is bespoke to your project.

Will a treated surface chip or break down?

The inclusion of graded industrial quartz means that abrasion and impact resistance is significantly increased compared to normal concrete. Independent tests have shown our Hardener shows a 24 fold improvement over normal power trowelled concrete in abrasion resistance tests.

None of the colours match the shade I am after, can you make me a bespoke colour?

Subject to a minimum order, we offer a colour matching service where bespoke colours can be produced. These can be matched from a colour chart or existing concrete or stone.

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